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Rebound is a private non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and furthering the rights of workers in Washington State, primarily through the monitoring of public works projects, promotion of voluntary compliance with prevailing wage laws, enforcment of public works laws, ongoing legislative efforts, and education and outreach programs.
Mission  Objective  Goals 
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1. Ensure that trades workers are paid the established prevailing wage;

2. Recoup wages for workers who have not been paid the prevailing wage;

3. Maintain and increase opportunities for apprenticeship utilization;

4. Participation and, as appropriate, intervention in permitting processes;

5. Participation in environmental impact and economic analyses of proposed construction projects to provide a full spectrum review of land use and labor;

6. Lobby government officials to support and strengthen organized labor;

7. Introduce or join in the introduction of legislation to support labor causes, especially where said legislation will serve to further unite labor and/or serve to increase the stringency of WA Prevailing Wage laws;

8. Educate contractors and governments on the advantages of utilizing union labor on all of its projects and contracts;

9. To join in discussions with developers, administrators and contractors regarding the feasibility of projects and the use of organized labor;

10. To increase affiliate membership by recruiting new members and revitalizing associations with former members;

11. To spread the word that REBOUND is a vital force in the labor community and to maintain a strong and visible presence.