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I've seen a booklet called "What Every Worker Should Know." How can I get a copy?

Copies of "What Every Worker Should Know," in English and Spanish are available free of charge to anyone requesting them.  You may receive copies in four ways:

Call our office toll-free at 1-866-244-9178 and request copies.

E-Mail our office at rebound@rebound.org  Let us know how many copies you'd like, whether you want English or Spanish, and where to send them. 

Write to us at REBOUND 2800 First Avenue, Suite 136, Seattle, WA 98121. Let us know the number of copies you need, whether they should be in English or Spanish, and the address to which they should be sent.

You can also download copies of both the English and Spanish Booklets by going to the "Work Papers" Tab on the left and clicking on the links to each of the Booklets.